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We proudly served America from the Civil War to Afghanistan. We're no longer silent, ignored or forgotten. Our stories must be told.

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Preserving the untold stories

Chinese American military contributions are little known yet they've had great impact on our communities since World War II and today we are still serving our country in all branches of service. We want to be able to tell these stories continuously and share them with many generations to come.

The Chinese American G.I. Project was the result of many decades of collecting data, researching and preserving the many stories and artifacts belonging to our men and women veterans from the Civil War to present day.

We want to invite our guests to become members by joining our newsletter and to start discussions about why this topic is so important as it pertains to the story of these individuals — each individual experience is unique!

We feel that these stories need to be passed down to a younger generation so they can understand what our forefathers had to endure as well as to sacrifice for family and country.

Dialogues on the Experience's of War

Chinese War Heroes

The Chinese American G.I. Project is a recent national grant recipient from the NEH, National Endowment for the Humanities. We are proud to announce that our project is finally ready to go with our first milestone. Discussion Series One: LEGACIES OF CHINESE AMERICANS IN THE MILITARY will commence in June 2024 and will be available for public participation shortly.

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2024 Duty, Honor, Country, Courage

Asian Americans In Military Service Exhibit

In Honor of Asian American

Pacific Islander Month

Bob Hope Patriotic Hall

1816 S. Figueroa St.

Los Angeles

Free admission

Now till to June 30

May 6 to June 30

Mon to Fri

10 am to 4 pm

The definitive visual history of

Chinese Americans in WWII

The book is based on years of interviews with veterans (many of whom have since passed.) Their stories, vividly illustrated with artifacts and photographs, capture wartime experiences at the home front and all theaters of war.

The cover of the book is illustrated by renowned artist, Russell G. Chong. The cover represents eight Chinese American veterans from different services each of whom who went beyond the call of duty. Their stories are included in the newsletter articles you’ll find at in our archives, (Russell’s father, a B-17 ball turret gunner in World War II, is included on the front cover.)

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